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About Us


Oyster Dental Clinic was set up in 2013 in Calcutta and recently relocated to Chennai. The methods of treatment are time tested and have provided demonstrably proven results resulting in repeat visits from a loyal clientele. Our loyal and satisfied patients provide us with the much needed support, patronage and publicity, hence keeping our marketing and sales expenses low and passing those cost benefits to our esteemed patients.

We provide you with the latest dental imaging technology, cosmetic dental procedures, orthodontic treatment, implantology, child dentistry, root canal treatment, crowns and veneers, full and partial dentures, scaling, whitening, complete and partial dentures, extraction, impactions and other surgical interventions. All treatments are carried out in a totally hygienic and aesthetic environment.

Covid-19 Control

  • We ensure proper use of personal protection equipment As health care professionals, we establish a process to ensure everyone (patients, healthcare personnel, and visitors) entering the facility is assessed for temperature screening before the treatment. We use personal protective equipments including a face shield, head cover, and double gloves.


  • We encourage sick employees to stay home – Personnel who develop fever, respiratory symptoms or other relevant symptoms are instructed not to report to work.


  • Implementation of environmental infection control – We use dedicated medical equipment for patient care and practice deep sanitisation procedures after every treatment. We clean and disinfect all non-dedicated, non-disposable medical equipment immediately after a patients departure as per the facility policies.


  • We make sure that all our patients are vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • We separate patients with fever or respiratory symptoms so they are not waiting among other patients seeking care.
  • We call patients to notify them about when to seek medical care or emergency care at our facility.
  • We adjust our hours of operation to include telephone triage and follow-up of patients during a community outbreak.